Ringing chimesQ. How do I get an interview with NER?
A. Email us at info@newenglandringers.org

Q. How can I book an NER concert?
A. That’s easy. Just contact us here.

Q. How many performances does NER give per year?
A. Just about 13 divided between two seasons.

Q. What type of music does NER play?
A. We play different types of music depending on the season. Our Spring / Summer repertoire is generally secular in nature incorporating several genres of musical styles. Our Holiday Concert repertoire is multicultural, which includes sacred music.

Q. How does NER choose its ringers?
A. Membership is offered to qualified and interested ringers. NER is always on the lookout for great ringers.
Are you interested in ringing with NER? If so,  please contact us here.

Q. How often do you rehearse?
A. The entire ensemble rehearses about every other week on Sunday afternoons. These intense rehearsals run just about 3 1/2 hours or more if we want to play a favorite again. Sectional rehearsals and individual rehearsals happen in between.

New England RingersQ. Are you allowed to miss rehearsals?
A. Yes. Our rehearsal schedules are set up to a year in advance, so we rarely need to miss one. NER has several VERY talented substitutes on which we call. The sub receives a packet of music before the rehearsal and all of the ‘out of the box’ bell assignments. We are very grateful to all of our substitute ringers!

Q. From what are the bells made?
A. Bell Bronze. This is an alloy of approximately 80% Copper and 20% Tin.

Q. What brand of handbells do you use?
A. We ring a 6 octave set of Schulmerich Handbells made in Sellersville, PA.

Largest and smallest bellQ. How heavy is that big bell?
A. Our largest bell, the G2, weighs 12 lbs. 2 oz. By contrast, our smallest bell, the G8 weighs less than 7 oz.

Q. How often do you have to polish the bells?
A. We give the bells a rub down following every rehearsal and every performance. This removes just about all of the marks and oils from our hands. We send the bells for professional cleaning every 4-5 years.

Q. What are the long ‘tubes’ that you are playing?
A. An instrument called hand chimes. NER plays on 6 octaves of Malmark Choirchimes.

Q. Who picks your repertoire?
A. We have a collaborative process that results in programs that appeal to even the most discerning audience member.

Q. Are the ringers or director paid?
A. No, neither. Remember that we are all a bit bell crazy!

Q. How much equipment do you use for a performance?
A. We schlep around quite a bit of equipment. Perhaps a picture is worth a thousand words…